Feel comfortable with your weight

Weight loss is one of the biggest battles that most people are likely to fight in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, many of these people will never be happy with weight loss goals that they achieve. The problem is usually shifting goal posts or the opinions of others. It is important for you to learn how to be happy with your weight. Sometimes it may require making changes in your life, while at other times it may not. However, you need to do something to be happy with the weight you have currently even as you look forward to making changes in the future.

Fix your mind

Happy skinny girl with no weight problems

Weight issues usually stem from your mind. How you feel about yourself will affect how you feel about your weight. You may have an ideal body, but if you have a low self-esteem, then you will still feel bad about how much you weigh. On the other hand, people who think well of themselves will feel more comfortable about their weight issues.

It is important to address your psychological health before you tackle your physical. You need to find the source of your discontent about how you look. A psychologist or counselor will help you in this regard. When you develop a happy mindset about yourself, it becomes much easier to tackle your weight.

Your ideal weight and body

You can be happy and fat. However, the health repercussions that come with being overweight will start making you unhappy. Then you will be fat and sad. You can also be thin and happy. Being excessively thin however, will attract nasty comments from people, which will then contribute to your unhappiness.

You need to find a happy medium. This is the weight level at which your body feels very comfortable. At your ideal weight, you will look healthy and your skin will glow. This is because you will be at a stage where your body is not carrying excess weight or showing skin and bones.

Your ideal weight is usually calculated using the Body Mass Index. That however, may not give you a fully accurate picture of how healthy you are. You should also consider checking your waist to hips ratio as well as fat percentage.

You should consider consulting with a fitness trainer and doctor to find the level at which your body weight would be ideal. When you reach this stage, you will feel much healthier both physically and mentally. This will contribute greatly to you being happy with weight that you have achieved.

Exercise Regardless

Exercise Happy Fitness Trainer Girl

No matter how big or small you are, you should get in some exercise for at least 30 minutes every day or its equivalent in a week. The exercise you do helps in the production of endorphins. Endorphins are happy hormones. They help boost your mood. This means that you will feel happier if you exercise, even if you have no reached your idea weight yet.

Ensure however, that you do not exercise too much. Doing so will make you fatigued and moody. This will then make you unhappy.

Avoid weighing obsessively

There is a difference between being realistic about your weight and being obsessed about it. Being realistic about your weight allows you to face your weight issues so that you can address them. Being obsessed about your weight makes you miserable. When you are obsessed about your weight, you will keep on weighing yourself all the time. Even when you exercise, your body will not change in one day. Regular weighing may therefore not show any changes in the short term even when they are taking place. Your frustration and unhappiness level will however, increase significantly.

It is therefore important to avoid weighing yourself obsessively, because it will make you very happy with your weight. Instead, set aside one day a month or so when you will use that weighing scale. That period is enough for you to notice any significant changes you make to either gain or lose weight.

Stop making comparisons

The most dangerous thing you can ever do when it comes to weight is to compare yourself with others. Comparing yourself with others in terms of size is counterproductive because it never takes into consideration other factors like genes, financial ability, personal trainer services, and even metabolic rate. You may have a good body and the ideal weight, but still fall short when compared to someone else. Comparisons of such nature will keep you unhappy with your weight until the day you die. Just avoid making comparisons and be happy with where you are on your weight loss journey.